IOP Conferences

Five Institute of Physics subject groups will be holding their annual conferences jointly under the umbrella of the Nuclear and Particle Physics Divisional Conference in 2011. The Nuclear Physics, High Energy Particle Physics, Gravitational Physics, Astroparticle Physics and Particle Accelerators and Beams Groups will meet together at the University of Glasgow. Together, they will form one of the largest, most exciting and broadest ranged NPP divisional conferences ever held. Over the course of the four days, there will be joint plenary sessions covering topics of broad interest to all delegates, from the legacy of Rutherford's seminal experiments, to the latest news from the LHC, and current satellite missions to novel technologies in accelerator development. Separate sessions for each of the groups will allow for more in-depth discussion. The conference will also provide opportunities for research students and young postdocs to present their work during the many parallel sessions.


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